PJ dictates preventive detention for White Collars of the Port & # 39;

After a marathon session, the judiciary decided to dictate 36 months of preventive detention against thirteen members of the criminal organization known as Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto, who, as leader, would be the former president of the court of Callao Walter Ríos. have had.

The decision was taken by Judge Manuel Chuyo, of the Third Preparatory Judge for the Specialized System in Corruption, following the request of the Public Prosecution Service.

Judge Chuyo stated in his resolution that it has been established that there are serious and well-founded elements of condemnation with regard to the connection of the suspect to a suspected criminal organization for committing the crime of influencing lies and bribery.

The decision was taken against businessman Antonio Camayo and Mario Mendoza, a character associated with the Peruvian Aprista party. Also against José Luis Cavassa, the political operator in several important entities.

The same mandate will also be fulfilled by Gianfranco Paredes Sánchez, Nelson Aparicio Beizaga, Carlos Parra Pineda, Jhon Misha Mansilla and Verónica Rojas Aguirre, his sister-in-law of the former member of the National Council of Magistrates, Guido Aguila, and also former head of administration and financial unit of the Judicial Branch of Callao, led by Walter Ríos.

To the list are added the professionals of the law and administration Marcelino Meneses Huaira, Jacinto Salinas Bedón, Víctor León Montenegro, Juan Eguez Beltrán and Fernando Seminario Arteta.

the untouchables

The decision against 'Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto & # 39; comes on top of another similar counter-Los Intocables Ediles & # 39 ;, who was in charge of the former mayor of La Victoria Elías Cuba Bautista.

This is due to the fact that the First Prejudicial Court of Justice of Lima of Lima ordered the preventive detention against said person and 25 other presumed members of the organization.

Alexander Peña, Eliseo Cuba, Víctor Muchaypiña, Tomás Vallejos, Abundio Melgarejo, Edgar Cueva, Álvaro Cáceres, Rafael Gómez and Pedro Guerra are submerged.

Similarly, preventive detention was ordered for Raúl de la Cruz, Víctor Lusquiño, Javier Camacho and other members of the organization.

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