PJ will agree a plenary meeting to define the application of parliamentary immunity Trade politics

the Judicial Power (PJ) It will hold a legal plenary session with the aim of giving a homogeneous interpretation on the application of the parliamentary immunity of trial and arrest, following the discrepancies with the Congress of the Republic, in the case of Benicio Ríos (Alliance for Progress), announced the President of the institution, Víctor Prado Saldarriaga.

As is well known, the plenary assembly of the Congress approved the request of the PJ to carry out the sentence against Osca rivers, convicted of the crime of collusion aggravated by the Superior Court of Justice of Cusco.

As he explained Meadow, Rios committed the crimes before he was elected a parliamentarian and his seven-year sentence was ratified in the second instance.

"That placed him in the quality of what criminals call a tipped insult, whose only fate it was to go to jail and here begins that exchange of readings of the law," he recalled. himself.

During a press conference, Prado Saldarriaga He argued that there is no need for a request to waive the immunity of detention before the judiciary, because this is part of the process and when it is established that a senior official does not have the immunity to be treated, there is no alternative process to increase immunity from arrest.

"This experience should serve to be reinterpreted and this will be the subject of a plenary agreement of the Supreme Court that will pronounce on […] the criminal treatment of persons with privileges and it is defined, at least for us, that the immunity of detention does not alternate or follow procedural immunity. The process is what generates arrest or condemnation, "he said.

For this reason he indicated that in the case of Ríos the only thing that is possible is that the police issue an order to locate and arrest the parliamentarian.

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