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The Minister of the Interior, Mauro Medina Guimaraes, confirmed The Republic that the Office of Internal Affairs of that sector has already carried out an extensive investigation against five generals of the National police for an alleged cover-up of members of the criminal organization & # 39; The Untouchables Ediles & # 39;, which was led by the former mayor of La Victoria Elías Cuba.

According to prosecution Reynaldo Abia Arrieta, head of the third office of the second public prosecutor, specializing in corruption offenses of officials of Lima, these officials and others would have protected the members of that Mafia network in the framework of the research for the collection of quotas. , car parking and extortion companies Gamarra and Fruit Market.

YOU CAN SEE & # 39; The Untouchables ediles & # 39 ;: they ask 36 months of preventive imprisonment for prisoners

"Intelligence work has been done, there are legal eavesdropping, many legal eavesdropping and probably police officers are involved, we are going to verify it", said the above prosecutor, according to the web portal & # 39; polí & # 39 ;.

According to that medium, the prosecution currently has two effective employees who have provided details on the participation and payment of quotas from this band to senior police commanders.

Employees 001 and 002 assured the Prosecutor General that five PNP generals received a monthly sum of 30,000 soles.

"When it comes to generals, Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs intervenes and the Public Prosecutor (Reynaldo Abia) provided this information by an effective employee, but it is necessary to confirm the information with other evidence and this will take a little longer, "Minister Mauro Medina said.

"Great nonsense"

Among the officers identified by Public Prosecutor Reynaldo Abia General Gastón Rodríguez Limo, head of the police region Lima, would be.

"In my case, it's the biggest nonsense I've seen in my career, it can be the price of fighting crime, I'm deeply indignant," the police command responded The Republic

He added that he has never disappointed his institution or country throughout his career. "They will check it at the moment, the truth always comes to light, it just remains to support the media, because – as far as the accusation is concerned – it is a huge nonsense," he said.

The official also said that the central question will be: how did they earn money? Through whom and for what?

"In my administration we have beaten the Mafia of La Victoria all the time," he said.

But what interest would there be? He was asked. "Destabilization of the PNP and, in my case, get out of the way, but we continue to work."

4 other people involved

Another allusion to General Miguel Ángel Núñez Polar, current head of the National Board of Criminal Investigation, a unit that investigates the ex-mayor Elías Cuba and & # 39; The Untouchables Ediles & # 39;.

Similarly, General José Antonio Figueroa Gonzáles, head of the National Directorate of Order and Security, as well as the generals Dwight Robert Vásquez Gálvez and Víctor Raúl Rucoba Tello, have been involved.

The director of the PNP, Richar Zubiate Talledo; He said, however, that they took this research "very quietly".

It should be specified that the Disciplinary Court for the police is the last administrative case in the proceedings initiated for very serious offenses. This evaluates the resolutions of first instance issued by the General Inspectorate of PNP and the Office of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior. We will therefore have to wait for the investigation.

Dictate the prison for former mayor Elías Cuba and other 21 involved

– The judiciary issued a preventive detention for Elías Cuba before 26 July; Alexander Peña Quispe; Eliseo Cuba Rodríguez; Víctor Muchaypiña; Tomás Vallejos; Abundio Melgarejo Grijalva; Edgar Cueva Hernández; Álvaro Cáceres Carpio; Rafael Gómez Chinchay; and Pedro Guevara Slee.

– He also dictated 12 months before Raúl De La Cruz Quispe; Víctor Lusquiño Vilela; Javier Camacho Salas; Aldo Ruiz Llaja; Luis Castillo Llaja; Pedro Mantilla Llaja; Víctor Vila Hidalgo; Roy Paredes Guaylupo; Franco Félix De La Roca; Luis Navarro; Juan Champi Cárdenas and Mauro Suazo Pérez.

– Meanwhile, it considered giving a mandate to appear with restrictions to Fredy Chirinos Quispe; Milton Enrique Olguín Rojas; Joao Luis Castillo Barrera and Mery Olinda Yarma Aguirre.

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