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Aydee Humpire

A police bus belonging to the Comisionra PNP Sectorial Rural of Huancan, got a spectacular accident when he was confused and several clocks turned in the afternoon of the last Saturday, at kilometer 20 of the Juliaca Huancan road.

According to the information, in the patrol car with registration number EPD 973 and internal plaque PL 21335, two policemen were transferred and according to the witnesses the driver was in an apparent state of drunkenness.

The crew members were identified as second officer, Marco Escalante Quispe, who was on the second pilot, and third officer Alex Olaguivel Albarracn, accused as a driver.

It was learned that speeding offenses and the realization of a reckless maneuver ensured that Olaguivel Albarracn lost control of the truck by making several turns.

The agents were taken to the nearest health center to receive the doctors' attentions. In so many, the vehicle ended on a flank of va and unusable, reason why it was necessary to use a gra to transfer it to the police dependency of Taraco.

Finally, some residents pointed out that the colleagues of the injured police, with an attitude dspota, prohibited the filming and photographing of the event. The representative of the Public Prosecution Service came to the place to continue the procedure.

Shortly before, other officers of the police carried out another accident, until 11:00, when the agent of the Comisara PNP of Quiaca supervised Saytococha San Antonio de Putina.

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