"Political crisis prevents the Peruvian economy from growing by 6.5%"

The Peruvian economy can grow 6.5 percent, but the political crisis as a result of the confrontation between the government and Congress will prevent thissaid the former Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Alfredo Ferrero.

Negative impact

"Peru has a growth forecast of 4%, but in a situation like the current where we have metals with a good price and where there is good export, we would reach 6% or 6.5%", he explained.

Ferrero indicated that this political crisis in the country affects private investment because it generates uncertainty among investors.

"We are in a context where we can not continue to confront if you have a government that has been gone for three years, you have had two very bad years since PPK started, you have to put an end to this situation to give stability to private investment. and economic agents, "he said in an interview with RPP News.

The most reports

Ferrero was of the opinion that the Ministry of Economy is the entity more has been damaged by this confrontation of state authority.

"There is a ministry that historically changes little in all governments to give stability to the economy, that is the MEF, but in this case we already have five finance ministers. The political crisis has given the MEF a political weakness that has never occurred before"he said.

He also pointed out that judicial and political reform raised by President Martín Vizcarra, through a referendum, It is non-shipping.

"They do not know what will happen to the judiciary, there is no legal stability and there is no political stability," he said.

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