Promuvi lands with volcanic risk

Roberth Orihuela Q.

The promise of home ownership, offered by the former mayor Alfredo Zegarra, would only remain a dream for the thousands of people who believed him. And it is that the Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute (Ingemmet) has drawn up a report in which it is concluded that the zones that the provincial municipality intended to use for the Municipal Housing Program (Promuvi) involve high and moderate volcanic risks. .

It was the former municipal manager, Óscar Carrillo, who applied for the Ingemmet in May 2017. This is to know the volcanic risk and disaster risk in the areas of El Mirador and La Frontera in Mariano Melgar, San Antonio in Yarabamba, Villa Magistraat and the Escalerilla in Cerro Colorado.

Volcanic risk

The land in Mariano Melgar is 10 and 13 kilometers from the Misti. In addition, the specialists found remains of ashes and volcanic stones. The conclusion is that in an eruption these areas would be one of the first to be affected by pyroclastic flows (ash and toxic gases at high temperatures).

While in the Yarabamba countries, moderate volcanic risk was found. They would be struck by ashes. The only ones in the yellow zone are the areas in Cerro Colorado.

Congregation knew it

The conclusions were handed over to the municipality with the technical report of January of this year. But it was the Andean MP Mario Zúñiga who made the document public.

The municipal executive, Fredy Cahui, accepted that the municipality was aware of this risk for a long time. "We asked the Municipal Planning Institute (Impla) for a report, which was brought to Lima, so that the authorities of the Ministry of Housing could consider it," he said.

He indicated that the whole city is at a volcanic risk and that they will in any case leave the land for the Promuvi in ​​the lottery before the end of the year. 8300 people are still in the race in this housing process. ❧

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