Prosecutor dies after falling from a truck to a depth of 200 meters

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> The accident was recorded yesterday with an average of eleven o'clock in the morning.


The second holiday for All Saints ended the life of a prosecutor, the result of a traffic accident that was recorded yesterday morning at the height of the city of Chanquil (Los Morochucos – Cangallo). In its place, a 4 x 2 truck of dark blue color, confused in a closed curve and fell into an abyss of about two hundred meters deep.

The first information indicates that the driver of the vehicle sleeps and unfortunately lost control of the vehicle, although it is also assumed that this is due to speeding. Apparently the residents would visit Cangallo, because the villagers say they are not from the area.

As a result of the fatal fall, the car was practically destroyed. A few minutes later, health workers and members of the National Police were established and with the support of the residents they provided the respective aid to those affected, who were transferred to the Regional Hospital and to the health centers Chanquil and Pampacangallo.

The deceased was identified as Carlos Chávez Montoya, who served as deputy provincial prosecutor of the Fourth Huamanga Provincial Criminal Court. In so many, the wounded respond to the names of Enrique Zúñiga and the attorney Mercedes Rupay.

In another similar event that was awakened at kilometer 21 of the road Los Libertadores, a van with registration number W4W-766 got confused, causing three people to be injured. The vehicle was driven by Porfirio Rojas Villar, who told the police that another car was parked in the middle of the road.

In these circumstances he chose to divert his truck to the roadside without realizing the presence of passersby who eventually ran over it. They were hit by the vehicle that was enclosed with a pole.

The wounded respond to the names of Julio César Huaynapuna Huamaní (48) Faustina Sulca Pillaca (56) and Miriam Basco Sulca (24). They all have multiple fractures.

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