Prosecutor succeeded in pronouncing a prison sentence against a son who beat his mother with a ladle

August 20, 2018 7:45 PM.

The public ministry from Chosica, managed to prevent 9 months of preventive detention Javier Espinoza Rojas, accused of beating his mother with a metal ladle at his house in Chosica, only because he did not lunch for him.

the Second Criminal Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Chosica denounced Criminal Court of permanent displacement of Lima East, Espinoza Rojas for the crime of wounds in injury of his ancestor Nancy Rojas Centeno.

After listening to the arguments of the support of the provincial criminal prosecutor of Chosica, William Alcóser Donohue, the criminal judge of Ate, Beatriz Apaza, determined that there are sufficient elements of conviction against the child for the crime of injury and ordered his internment in a prison in the capital that Penitentiary Institute (INPE)while the examinations last.

In this way, the Public Prosecutor's representative stated that she had never released EspinozaOn the contrary, after being arrested by the police, he was reported and transferred to prison Judicial department of Lima East, where the hearing for pre-trial detention was held and the accusations were heard of the imputation made to brutally abuse his mother.

The public prosecutor accused Javier Espinoza Rojas beat cruel three times, the woman who gave her life. Immediately the woman was taken to the Almenara hospital, where she had her carry a maximum of four points on her head.

"That justice is fair, that he goes to prison, not that they tell me that it is light (aggression) and that we are pure women here, he is a drug addict," said one of the victim's relatives.

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