Prosecutor will investigate temporary detainees in an operation that was developed in Sullana this morning

ERP. Alleged members of the criminal organization "Los Boca Secas de Bellavista" are detained for 15 days, during which time pre-trial detention items will be collected. Piura's specialized public prosecutor against organized crime evaluates preventive detention in the coming days against a total of 19 detainees in the Sullana province who dismantled the criminal organization "Los Boca Secas de Bellavista", dedicated to decommissioning, to the collection of quotas. for taxi drivers and entrepreneurs from that region.

The megaoperativo was responsible for the prosecutor Orlando Urbina, who along with more than 50 prosecutors and half a thousand police officers arrested the alleged leader of the criminal organization, identified as Job Ageo Camacho Girón, alias "Jota", who arrested alongside his wife, Carmen Sonia Montero.

the dry mouth 8Members of band "Los Boca Secas" by Bellavista – Sullana | Photo: The Piura region.

In addition, the catch of Frank Franklin Atoche Agurto, Jonathan Alexander Desposorio Viera, Gerson Kevin Zapata Carrillo, Darwin Jhonatan Zapata Carrillo, Jorge Daniel Farfán Viera, Marcos Antonio Sandoval Zapata, Erie Cristian Estrada Saavedra, Yin Armando Rosales Pintado, Edison Aguilar Fernandez, Roberto Edinson Gallo Valdiviezo, Hermes Alfredo Morante Curay, Luis Enrique Sosa Gutierrez, and from Eswin Jonathan Ramos Chamba.

On the other hand Víctor Manuel Carmen Noriega, Víctor Angel Carmen Vite, Laura Concepción Vite Noriega and Mariela Purizaca Sánchez were arrested in flagrant delicto.

According to the preliminary investigations, "The Dry Mouth of Bellavista" he would be responsible for numerous thefts of smaller vehicles such as taxis, motorcycle taxis and cars, which took place in the province of Sullana in recent years.

the dry mouth 9Members of band "Los Boca Secas" by Bellavista – Sullana | Photo: The Piura region.

During the work of the intelligence it was determined that the criminal organization charged fees that could vary between thousand and two thousand soles, in exchange for the return of stolen vehicles. He also knew that he would be responsible for robberies and attacks on various banking entities and companies.

The interventions were developed simultaneously in a total of 46 homes, mainly located in the Bellavista district in Sullana province, where it was possible to enter the area known as "La Vecindad del Chavo", known for its high crime rates. It also intervened in five cells of the Piura prison, formerly Río Seco.

Reportedly, the detainees will be provisionally detained for a period of 10 days, while sufficient elements are collected in the investigation that follows them for the alleged crimes of extortion, hired killers, reception, theft and aggravated robberies, as well as organized crime criminal in grievance of the state.

the dry mouth 3Members of band "Los Boca Secas" by Bellavista – Sullana | Photo: Mininter.

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