PUCP: Two teachers are accused of sexual assault during assembly

The teachers and researchers of Social Sciences Carlos Alza and Jaris Mujica of the PUCP were charged with intimidation and sexual abuse, respectively during a student meeting in the aforementioned house of studies.

The student meeting, convened and led by the dean of social sciences, Patricia Ruiz Bravo, aimed to answer questions and answer questions about the mechanisms for reporting and punishing cases of harassment and sexual abuse in the university community.

In this space, in which a group of students organized protests against the way the authorities are confronted with cases of intimidation, the students asked the dean for the case of Jaris Mujica, a former researcher of Promsex and a researcher in the field of gender violence, and Carlos Alza, former director of the School of Government of the PUCP.

"I want to know what is being done about the case of Professor Jaris Mujica, why were their courses canceled and what action does the university take?", Said a graduate, who also accused the professor of sexual abuse.

In fact, the third student of the social sciences reported that the courses dictated by Professor Mujica would be dictated by another teacher for this cycle.

In the case of Alza, who last resigned from his positions in the PUCP on 31 July, he sent an anonymous report via e-mail for cases of sexual harassment.

"With regard to the case of the other professor (Jaris Mujica) who you mentioned by name, the case is being dealt with and it has already taken place within the framework of the information we have and within the procedures that the university has. say what measures we have taken to achieve this, but we have taken them, "said Alejandro Diez, head of the department and one of the authorities chairing the event.

"We are not the bishops of Pennsylvania," the department head said at another point, referring to the cover-up of systematic sexual abuse and attacks by religious prelates in Pennsylvania, United States, for more than 70 years.

At another point, Diez referred to the fact that it was difficult to confront a colleague & # 39 ;. The dean of the faculty confirmed that Mujica was divorced and that an investigation was opened at departmental level.

Until last year Mujica was part of Promsex.

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