Puno: drug traffickers arrested with 52 drug packages via Juliaca – Cusco [VIDEO] | society

Seven subjects would have been involved in the transfer of 52 packs of cocaine alkaloid They were intervened during the operation by the Carretas police, at kilometer 1 150 of the motorway Juliaca – Cusco.

The operation was performed around 4:30 in the Melgar province, in the area known as "La Raya". Instead a vehicle was intercepted with two people who would have tried it distract the police. It was a 4X4 truck C2B-804 plate driven by Deivis Romero Padilla (19) in the company of Jhon Palomino Pampañaupa (27).

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Later, the police stopped a vehicle that was being transported 52 packages of cocaine alkaloid. The unauthorized substance It was found in the backpacks of the occupants of the mobile plate unit Z8I-964 of the transport company "Los Chasquis". The detainees were identified as: Rubén Huamán Acuña, Ernesto Sulca Chihua, Efraín Oncevay Gastelu, Edgar Quispe Acuña and Hipólito Huamán Acuña.

The public prosecutor, Rudy Holguin, and the police they carry out the research to determine the responsibility of the detainees. According to the police authorities, the alleged drug traffickers initially attempted to circumvent the intervention, claiming that they had close people to the police.

The persons, vehicles and medicine involved were taken to the Juliaca police station to be examined.

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