Quechua: Protected parks service from Madre de Dios improves attention Picture 1 of 1 | Peru

Inclusion. The national service for nature reserves protected by the State (Sernanp), registered with the Ministry of Environment, included the Quechua service at its head office in Mother of God.

This initiative was born to come closer and to facilitate communication with the population. 80% of the inhabitants of Madre de Dios are Quechua speakers, because they come from Cusco, Puno, Apurimac and Arequipa.

From this Monday, attention was focused on the actors involved in the conservation of protected natural areas in the region Mother of God, They also work to strengthen the relationship of trust to ensure respect for the rights of the indigenous people.

The initiative of Sernanp in Mother of God It is part of other actions such as national policies on original languages, oral translation and interculturality, propagated by the state, to provide more accessible and timely assistance to indigenous speakers.

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