Question: Four suspect Shining Path-financiers caught Video politics

Police officers of the High complexity Crime research division (Diviac) caught four people on Tuesday night, who supposedly were Sendero Luminoso financiers.

These people apparently collected money from the drug trade and then sent the proceeds to the terrorist group led by the brothers Quispe Palomino, as reported Channel N.

YOU CAN SEE Sendero Luminoso would seek international support for legal processes [VIDEO]

According to the studies, backpackers came to the base where these people operated to transport the amounts. With this money, the armed group financed their armed actions in the Vraem.

The detainees are linked to the drug trafficking. These were recorded in their possessions with agenda & # 39; s. They also found notes with the amount of drugs they traded, documents, cash and other evidence that they collected money for Shining Path.

These people would also have participated in supporting the pillars of terrorist groups that organized the bloody attack on three road police officers on 31 May 2017.

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