Question: the police have taken in 297 kilos of cocaine alkaloid Trade Peru VRAEM

Agents of the maneuver Division against illicit drug trafficking The Sinchis de Mazamari found 297 kilos of cocaine alkaloid distributed in 11 bags, near a laboratory for the processing of medicines in the city of Mantaro, district of Pichari, The province of La Convención (Cusco). This zone is located in the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro (VRAEM).

The seizure was the result of a two-day operation. The anti-drug cops were mobilized to the place in an air police MI-17 helicopter, which had the cover and support of an MI-35P helicopter from the Special Command of the VRAEM.

The processing laboratory was implemented with light generators, microwave ovens, presses, molds and metal mills, distillation flasks for the recycling of acetone as well as bins and gallons. All this was incinerated by the order of the prosecutor Lincol Fuentes Tamaya. The shipment was also transferred by air to the Sinchis de Mazamari Anti-Drug Base.

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