Referendum | Martín Vizcarra will speak out about reforms that have been approved for plebiscite politics


21:15 "This is a process and we progressed progressively. (…) For example, if the change of the CNM is approved on December 9, it will be operationalized and the next one would have a new one. (…) Others will be slightly longer but we already have results. "

21:13 "We have always treated the congress with all due respect, but I have received a series of inadequate qualifications, but I leave it aside. (…) We have to keep working"

21:12 (About a question of trust) "We do not believe (that the Congress) changes the basic concept of reforms"

21:11 "Behind these reforms there is another work that we have to do, there are specific accounts, such as the reliability of lawyers, the OCMA who has not worked … here we have only approved the concept".

21:10 "No (I was considering closing the congress) When we present the request of trust and Congress gives us confidence after 3 days, then we must believe in this power of the state"

21:08 "The bicameral reform will be adjusted to the set budget, without going up. (…) It is clear that the bicamerality that has been approved does not mean a greater suspicion".

21:06 Regarding reforms that prohibit parliamentary re-election, the president is confident that the approved advice leaves no room for interpretations, so that in 2021 there can not be a congressman.

21:00 President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, supports reforms approved in Congress.

Previous note

President Martin Vizcarra will go to the country tonight to refer to the four projects of political and judicial reform concluded by the Congress of the Republic with the approval of this dawn.

According to the Presidency, the head of state will announce his position at 9 am. after convening the government palace to the ruling parliamentarians (Peruvians through the Kambio) and members of the Ministerial Council of Ministers.

It should be noted that last August Vizcarra Cornejo sent the Legislative Section a package of proposals to reform the devices involved in the so-called "corruption audios".

The initiatives of the head of state include the recalculation of the disappeared National Council of Magistratira (CNM), filters for party financing, the return to bicamerality and the ban on parliamentary re-election.

All these proposals were approved by the Congress of the Republic after the question of the confidence of Martín Vizcarra, who set a limit in a message to the nation on 4 October to give their initiatives the green light and hold a referendum.

The position held by the President during this debate, culminating in the first hours of this Thursday, was a constant support for reforms without being denatured, with reminders to Parliament to speed up the process.

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