Regional and local authorities will receive a lot to carry out projects. Trade politics

The president Martín Vizcarra reported that the items for regional and local projects to be carried out in 2019 go directly to the authorities of each jurisdiction. The goal is to prevent delays in transfers from the ministries.

Vizcarra said that the draft budget for 2019 was approved today in the Council of Ministers.

"In this budget project approved today in the Council of Ministers, there is an effort to ensure that the 4 or 5% of the budget allocated to the ministries is directly allocated to the regional and local authorities," he said from Tacna.

He added that the Ministry of Economy and Finance had previously allocated the budget to the sanitation projects to the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, which in turn had to transfer it from April to the regional and municipal authorities.

But the approved standard is meant to facilitate implementation, especially if you already know what the projects are.

"In recent years we have been working more intensively on the coordination of all levels of government, we need to know what to do, in which order of priority, we have to make the list of needs and priorities to make rational use of resources" He emphasized.

Another aspect that must be taken into account – expressed in Vizcarra – is care for public funds. "The Peruvian does not care who does it, but to solve the problems and it is our responsibility to reach consensus, to formulate strategies that reach everyone," he concluded.

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