Renzo Reggiardo: "I am convinced that I am in the first place" politics

The candidate for the Mayor of Lima for Peru Patria Segura (PPS), Renzo Reggiardo, Said to be convinced to lead the voting preferences and trusts to be successful in the municipal elections held on Sunday 7 October.

"I'm waiting for the next weekend's elections, I'm convinced that I'm in the first place, but I respect the ballot box, I'm not going to talk badly about them, we're ready for the process that will be on Sunday, we'll keep running ," he said. the press during a conversion activity in the shopping center of Avenida 28 de Julio.

The aspirant of the Edil President Metropolitan Lima acknowledged that he had made mistakes during his campaign, but confirmed his position not to attend the debate as a "worthy" position.

"There are mistakes that are always made in a campaign, what I want to tell the population is that everyone knows me, people know how I am, I have always said, I have always told them that nothing has been achieved here," he said. . Renzo Reggiardo.

The candidate from Peru, Patria Segura, said that despite the fact that it was a person who was "absolutely horizontal", it was meant to sell an opposite image, and to show it as an extraordinary person.

Similarly, he reacted to the criticism that identifies him as a candidate who is attuned to Keiko Fujimori and the interests of the popular Fuerza party.

"It is incorrect that I am a mole of Fujimorism, I have been honest, transparent and clear all my life, I was always critical and I was the first to condemn Odebrecht when they did not talk about it," he said.

As you remember, Renzo Reggiardo did not participate in the municipal debate organized by the National Election Commission (JNE) on Sunday, September 23, citing the lack of impartiality of the electoral body.

This Sunday 30 October will be the second debate that brings together the other 10 candidates for the mayor of Metropolitan Lima, with the aim of unmasking and confronting the most important proposals of their government plans.

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