Ricardo Belmont about Venezuelans: "I do not put a stranger in my house"

22 August 2018 15:00.

In the eye of the storm. The candidate for the mayor of Lima from Peru Libre, Ricardo Belmont He repeated his rejection of the high number of Venezuelan citizens who have entered the country. Nevertheless, he said that he does not deal with a xenophobic discourse.

"You have to go to the dictionary to see what xenophobia is, that is hatred and I do not hate anyone to start with", he said in an interview with ATV.

"We love our Venezuelan brothers, with whom I have an extraordinary relationship when I go to Miami, and those who know me know who I am," he added. Ricardo Belmont.

Ricardo Belmont He said that the Venezuelan migration is "the biggest crisis that could have occurred", but he admitted he was wrong when he stated that more than a million Venezuelans would come to Peru at the end of 2018, something that was refused by Reniec.

Belont claimed that the llaneros should be registered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after verifying that of all migrants who have arrived in Peru, "30% are magnificent people". He said that one of his first steps in a final leadership of him in Lima will be to make a census to identify the migrants and later build an exclusive street market for them.

"That the Peruvians who love the Venezuelans open a room in their house, a bed, and that they receive it to be consistent with their idea, I put no stranger in my house," he said in the interview.

According to the latest survey, prepared by Ipsos, the intention is to vote for these municipal elections and regional elections in 2018 under the leadership of Renzo Reggiardo (16%), followed by Ricardo Belmont (10%), Daniel Urresti (10%), Humberto Lay (9%)), Luis Castañeda Pardo (7%), Esther Capuñay (6%), Enrique Cornejo (6%).

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