Ricardo Belmont: candidate for mayor of Lima criticized for xenophobic message to Venezuelans | politics

Ricardo Belmont , candidate mayor of Lima for the Peru Libertario party, has received a wave of criticism after a video has been published in which he refers to Venezuelans and the upcoming local elections in 2018. The speech was described xenophobically by a large number of users in social networks.

He ensures this in the recording "More than a million Venezuelans will come from here at the end of the year with all the benefits that Peruvians do not have". According to his speech, there is a conspiracy of part of a part of Peruvian politics to let the llaneros vote in these elections.

"Less than 70 days before the elections, because we have planned a Venezuelan migration here and organized from a rampart, the Aprista party, which unfortunately does not play in favor of Peru", Ricardo Belmont suggests in the video.

The video dates from last July, but today the viral in social networks was experienced in the middle of the crisis by our Venezuelan brothers.

True or False?

However, Migrations reported that this morning the number of Venezuelans would reach 500 thousand for the month of November , contradicts the candidate's speech.

It has been added that in the October elections this year only a Venezuelan citizen will vote on Sunday 7 October. This information was ratified only a week ago by the Reniec.

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