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Ricardo Belmont (Peru Libertarian) will try to return to the city council of Lima, after 23 years. The television presenter, who was mayor of the capital between 1989 and 1995, confirmed that the transport was to be declared in emergencies and indicated that, if elected, he will review all contracts that have been made "behind" citizenship.

– You have been Mayor of Lima twice. Why are you looking for a third administration?
I postpone because the metropolitan plan was not finished, the city was put up and it did not go to lows, the road works that Lima needed were not done. Today Lima needs at least 10 or 15 road fairs, it has to solve the problem of traffic and the safety of citizens and that is in the metropolitan plan that I left behind in 1995.

– And what are the axes of this metropolitan plan?
One of the axes of this plan is the development of Lima before the demographic growth it has known in recent years. How is it possible that a city like Lima, with the few services it offers, can compensate for sustained growth, where practically every year a Chimbote is established?

– What will be the concrete measures that will be applied to reduce the insecurity in Lima?
Insecurity is a very complex social factor in which the Ministry of the Interior and the municipality of Lima have to intervene in the area of ​​support. But if there is no combination of goals within a plan, the mayor, with the legislation that currently exists, can not do much [por la seguridad], you can place cameras, you can rent serenades, but that's not enough.

– You confirm that the mayor should be a support for the Ministry of the Interior. Should not you lead the security policy in Lima?
The mayor can lead, we did that in the hardest time when in Lima in the nineties terrorism and mass unemployment prevailed. However, we could decide in good faith in the first part of my administration that existed with the government [de Alberto Fujimori]. In my second period [al frente de la municipalidad]the government was angry with Lima.

– You have inherited the street vendors from Mercado Central and Mesa Redonda from Alberto Andrade. Why did not he pull them back during his two administrations?
Because Andrade got a law to do this, Fujimori Andrade gave a law to pull them back, [en mi gestión] He gave a law against the municipality that said all workers had the right to use the streets, it is the central government that hurt me, everyone knows.

– Is one transport authority necessary? Why?
It is necessary to indicate the transport in case of emergency, because the transport in case of emergency, they had to make [intercambios viales] such as El Trebol in recent years as well as bridges. The metropolitan plan of Lima that even considered the Expressway to San Juan de Miraflores was not fulfilled. It was not done either.

– Are you in the process of revising the Metropolitan concession contract? Is the possible price increase justified?
We are going to look at all the concessions that have been done behind people's backs […] The contracts must be exposed to public opinion, so that people know that the works performed have cost a lot for the addenda and have been done in practically perverted times. We have the university boulevard in one year, 17 kilometers at such a price and without addenda.

– What improvements can you propose to Metropolitan?
For me, the Metropolitan was a disaster, I said it from the first day. Buses have been placed in the Metropolitan where there were already buses that reduced the numbers of the Expressway, which had not been made to put those huge stops, nowadays busses arrive with the players. A huge accident can happen every day, because the buses skim the sardineles. The Metropolitan, as it had been conceived, should never have happened and for the price that was made, 20 more important infrastructure works could be made.

– According to the latest El Comercio-Ipsos survey, you are in second place with 10% in the preferences. Renzo Reggiardo is your biggest contender?
I respect all opponents, but I do not think of the contenders, I have never thought of the contenders, I think it is reported and how it is misinformed, I think the best opinion poll is the street and I think Renzo Reggiardo, with all due respect, He has the necessary experience to govern the city of Lima.

– You, in your first management in Lima, had no experience. He had never been mayor or a parliamentarian …
No doubt [Reggiardo] He may also be an excellent mayor, but I say he does not have the experience I have, we will put the words right, he does not have the experience I have. And the surveys are very relative. As opinion polls say, they are an image of the moment, but you also have to see where the picture was taken.

– Reggiardo must be excluded from the election because he has not declared a company in Panama?
No, I think no [candidato] must be excluded, hopefully no one will be excluded, that everyone can participate […] I do not want any of them to retire, they are all people who have the right to participate as citizens and I think mistakes are made when someone makes the chips [de inscripción]. We have taken more than seven [candidatos a alcaldes] for small mistakes. I am not in a position to request that a competitor be removed from the court by the mere process that he did not report what the jury asked him.

– For you, Luis Castañeda Lossio has been a good mayor? Why?
We had six years [de gestión en Lima], half the time [de Castañeda]. In half of the time we have done more work and with less money than Castañeda. I do not judge whether he was a good mayor, that's up to the people. But I can say that in six years I worked more than Castañeda, who was twelve years old [en la Municipalidad de Lima].

– In a possible administration of you will the park "Heroes of Democracy" continue?
You have to prioritize the costs, there is a factor X that I do not know. In what situation is the municipality of Lima? The first thing you need to know is what the money is going to invest. Lima is in need, it is a city with more inhabitants than Panama and Nicaragua together, it is a country in another country and you have to study the thing with much more seriousness than talking about make-up, this is not about inventing .

– What are the coincidences that you have with Peru Libertario, the party of Vladimir Cerrón?
The coincidence is that we both want to work for the poorest districts, we both know that there are 14 districts [en Lima] that they have practically been abandoned for their fate and that is where we are going to invest the largest part of the budget, which we did in the nineties.

– Peru Libertario is not a rental contract for your application, after not registering your movement works?
I do not like that word, which I like is that we have created a unit to work together.

"Peru is the only country where Venezuelans come in large numbers"

Ricardo Belmont

(Photo: Rolly Reyna / Video: El Comercio)

– Reniec has indicated that only 26 foreigners will vote in these elections. Of them there is only one Venezuelan. Why did you say that a million Venezuelans would go to the polls?
I did not say that a million Venezuelans went to the polls …

– I have the video with your statements, I can learn it …
Show me, my context was a story that appeared in the newspaper, from an interview with a Reniec specialist who said that a million Venezuelans would arrive at the end of the year.

Through his Facebook account, Belmont indicated the following:

"The Aprista party in your region has lifted Venezuela's national flag as a tribute to those Venezuelans who came to work in Peru to get jobs from the Peruvians, that's the truth, more than a million Venezuelans will come here from the end of the year with all the benefits that a Peruvian has, that is, this planned planned operation has only one goal: to give the Venezuelans the vote in this election, more than one million Venezuelans will vote in these elections, have those Peruvians do not have in a country where there is no justice, where foreigners arrive and take political power, because they already have the right to vote, this is a conspiracy against democracy in Peru. "

After watching the video, the candidate said:
Ok, in that context that I have explained, that reflection would fit, because that came from the newspaper, in the social networks, that information was given by all media.

– The media could have indicated that a number of Venezuelans would arrive in Peru, but not that they would have the right to vote. You literally confirm that you can vote in October …
It was said that they had the right to vote and that was in all social networks and in all the newspapers I trusted the information of that day. If we go back to that moment, the Venezuelan invasion, as I call it, was made public on a whole page in El Comercio, where they said exactly what I say: at the end of the year, one million Venezuelans arrive.

– It is different to say that one million Venezuelans will come to Peru, where they will vote.
Did you see them during the marches? Why are they marching? Let's analyze these words. Why were these Venezuelans on the party march? I do not invest anything for Venezuelans when they come to work. When people with extraordinary abilities come, welcome, that companies hire them. What I said in a context is the concern of the citizens, in the sense that they take away the work of the Peruvians.

– Are you not calling on a xenophobic campaign against Venezuelans to win votes?
Not at all, because as you ask me, you lose the voices on the contrary. You tell me that I am xenophobic, while I dislike it as the Peruvian thief, the Venezuelan criminal or the Chilean who comes here to take over the companies that are already based in Peru, where it took us so much trouble and now they treat public services. I have nothing against the investor and the people who come to work honestly in Peru, we will place the points on the i & # 39; s.

– Do not you think he was wrong when he gave these statements about Venezuelans?
We are all wrong, especially when we create programs based on information from the day.

– El Comercio never reported that one million Venezuelans could vote in October.
No, he did not say it, El Comercio what he published was an interview with an important person whose name I do not remember at the moment, where he said migration goes so fast and that by the end of the year one million Venezuelans will arrive . I started from the beginning that we are the only country, because it does not happen in Chile or in Argentina, where Venezuelans invade en masse and cause enormous problems, which are in all networks [sociales]where there are aggressions and assaults caused by this migration that has not had any control and which now only begin to control if they have already been introduced.

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