Rímac: landslide around 20 homeless people Trade Lima events

A group of elderly people had to sleep in an armchair after the wall of the old site where they collapsed this morning, in the district of Rimac. A total of 10 were affected by the collapse.

The events took place after midnight. The victims, however, indicated that when they communicated with the representatives of the municipality of Rimac, they told them that they could not arrive until 8 o'clock in the morning.

"We were afraid of the fall, luckily there were no casualties, we all had to sleep in an armchair because the municipality did not take care of us", said one of the neighbors for the cameras of América Noticias.

It happened on the block 4 of the grated Paitawhere the rumble of the fall lifted them from their beds, leaving them quickly out of the place to prevent them from falling into the trap.

The woman added that they had tried on several occasions to repair the damage to the old building of the quincha and the adobe, but they were not allowed because it was cultural heritage.

In May last year, the Congress approved law no. 30764, in which the strengthening of the monumental, touristic and cultural axis of the Rimac was a public necessity. Said standard established the expropriation of 11 properties declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation in this district.


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