Rosa Bartra looks forward to a serious and responsible debate on reforms Trade Policy Congress

The President of the Constitution Committee of the Congress, Rosa Bartra pointed out that it is necessary to have a "serious and responsible debate" on the projects sent by the executive, before [ referendum .

In a dialogue with RPP Noticias, he assured that Peru is confronted with the "historic opportunity" to approve reforms on the legal, political and constitutional level with the aim of corruption, as well as the legal system and correct the crisis of political representation.

In this sense he urged the government and the political forces to avoid populist opinions and actions in the debate on legislative initiatives related to the return to democracy. bicameralidad in parliament and the reform of the National Council of Magistracy ( CNM ).

The Constitutional Commission will start this Tuesday by analyzing the proposals of Executive, starting with the draft constitutional reform of CNM which proposes to amend Articles 155 and 156 of the political constitution of Peru.

Also, the project that the is trying to establish bicameralidad in the Congress of the Republic to promote equality of political participation of women and men, and to promote better regional representation.

It should be noted that the Constitution Committee has invited the Minister of Justice, Vicente Zeballos to the session of Tuesday 21 to support the scope of these accounts.

Bartra said that Zeballos should, among other things, clarify how the electoral districts can be determined by the Executive in his project on bicameraladadad because some districts without representatives would be left behind before the proposal of microdistricts and macro districts.

"The result is an artificial construction of constituencies with which the population does not feel identified, which contradicts the principle of representation," he said.

He also said that citizens should receive election education and that the National Elections Council JNE ) and ONPE must be ready to take over these actions once the reforms have been approved for . ] referendum .

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