Rosa Bartra: We do not allow & # 39; mamarrachentos & # 39; projects destroy the Constitution Trade politics

The chairman of the Constitution Commission, Rosa Bartra (Fuerza Popular), confirmed that the Magna Carta is above all standards. Therefore, he added, his group does not allow & # 39; projects & # 39; bullies & # 39 ;, in an allusion to the document presented by the Executive, make this document filthy.

"The Constitution and exactly why we do not want it to be treated as toilet paper, that's why we respect it and do not allow dirty projects to make things dirty, it's mostly the rules, & # 39; she said when asked if the Carta Magna is at the top of the Congressional regulation.

Rosa Bartra He felt that the Executive "lacks respect for the Constitution by presenting initiatives that are contradictory to each other.

"Anyone who intends to change the Constitution without respecting its impact, who will make contradictory changes that will require new adjustments or cause chaos, is of course disrespectful," said the parliamentarian. fujimorista on RPP TV.

He also indicated that it appears that President Martín Vizcarra, who announced yesterday that the head of the ministerial cabinet, César Villanueva, will present a question of confidence in support of political and legal reforms on Wednesday, wants to dissolve the Congress.

Rosa Bartra He urged the president to answer whether or not he would respect the constitutional order.

The Force Popular Congressman also said that her party "never refused to enter into a dialogue," in response to the executive's appeal to the spokesmen of all factions to meet in the government palace this afternoon. .

On the other hand, Bartra pointed out that she expected Vizcarra to present a question of trust, because "if there is a closing of the congress" the final report of the Lava Jato Commission, which she directed, will not be known.

"There is a brave public prosecutor [Pedro Chávarry] now that he finally shows the corruption that his predecessor had [Pablo Sánchez] caught and hid. The work that we have done, whether it is binding or not, whether the prosecutor receives it or not, Peru will know the truth, "he said.

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