Rosa María Cifuentes will give a lecture on how you can have a healthy relationship

The famous coach and writer Rosa María Cifuentes presents at a conference about her book "Checkmate to Love" (Planet 2018), a book that continues with the trilogy of emotional guides in which she portrays the elements that unleash and make recurring battles.

Conflicts for ego, sick jealousy, money, abuse of social networks, infidelity, pathologies for mental health without treatment, insane environment, lack of love, cultural and religious differences, non-cured trauma, are some of the ways to lose love that Rosa María Cifuentes presents us in this book.

In addition, the book contains a guide on the steps that a person must take before he begins an affective relationship, as well as a thorough explanation of the essential values ​​that a couple must adopt with conviction if they really want to love.

The book deals with real cases, and without memorizing important details, the thirty types of reasons why couples fight and, even worse, sabotage their emotional relationships. "I believe that if specialists contribute to people who view and teach the elements that are part of the essential elements, in a healthy affective relationship, we will see more couples in peace and growth," says the author.

The emotional coach conference "Jaque mate al amor" will be held on Friday 24 August from 7 pm to 11 pm, in Juan de Aliaga 425, Magdalena, Prisma Business Tower building, auditorium 103. The cost is 100 soles (including the book "Check measure of love "of courtesy, which will also sign).

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