San Isidro: passenger broke the nose of driver Javier Prado | Trade Lima law enforcement

A driver of Javier Prado runner He was assaulted by a bus passenger at the intersection of Avenida Javier Prado Oeste and Calle Las Flores in San Isidro.

A serene one San Isidro He confirmed the attack on TV Peru, but said he did not know the reason for the attack. In the images the driver is seen with his shirt and face bloodied.

The driver was identified as Juan José Alarcón Rojas, who received medical assistance for injuries caused by Christian César Paz Díaz. Both were taken to the Orrantia police station.

On July 31, Juan Casimiro, driver of the public transport company Grupo Diez, was struck by Willy Gabriel Villavicencio Yahuana (39) because he was not allowed to get off at an unauthorized stop in San Martín de Porres. .


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