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A week after the tragedy the images of security cameras that show how the battle in which he was killed began Allan Neyra Tello, father of a family of 40 years, who was attacked by five people after leaving a bar on Tomás Valle Avenue, next to his son, in San Martín de Porres.

The video, which was published by the Panorama program of Sunday, shows step by step how the father leaves the nightly location at 04:00 on the last Monday, August 13, accompanied by his stepson Johan Roque Carrión and two more friends.

YOU CAN SEE SMP: they dictate 9 months of preventive imprisonment for alleged murderers of the father of the family

Unconsciously the brawl starts after a joke between one of the companions of Neyra Tello, as it rises and throws the chullo of another of his friends through the air and comes close to a group of people talking outside the bar. In a misunderstanding, one of the test subjects, who was a security guard, became one of the young people.

immediately Allan Neyra intervenes to separate his companions from their attackers. Then they leave the place, but as shown by the security cameras, he and his group return with another person, with whom they initiate the fight in which they would kill him.

The father's group is attacked without delay and even he fell to the ground and was beaten by some people at the same time. For the clear majority of the aggressors they decide to leave the stage and during their flight they are reached by a group of women who reduce their stepson in the avenue Marco Polo.

In his attempt to help Johan Roque, he was cut in the chest and, mortally wounded, the security camera's were taken out of the reach, while his stepson was still being attacked by up to five people, who were later identified as Colombian citizens.

As is well known, the 9th Lima preparatory court of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima Norte has committed the nine-month preventive arrest warrant against the four arrested Colombian citizens for alleged murder. after the murder Allan Neyra.

It is about foreigners María Fernanda Vides Muñoz, 21, Leydi Valbuena Mazay, 19, Joffer Steven Pico Reyna, 27, and Jakelin Castro Prado, 23, who is also pregnant.

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