San Martín: farmers rounds police officers accused of committing abuse in Tocache | society

In San Martín, members of the farmer's round from the city of Challuayacu, province of Tocache, two arrested police officers accused of attacking a farmer.

The members of the national police were identified as Andrés Vela Pimentel and José Fernández Pérez, who before being transferred to the corresponding authorities flogged in a popular meeting. Other members of the PNP They were also present at the event.

The injured farmer was identified as Edilberto Domínguez, who was wounded when he hit the head with a gun. The man also mentioned that a third policeman fled when he saw that they were completely discovered. "Do not do it again" and "So that they learn the lesson", are some of the sentences that say of listening to them to the inhabitants of the place Challuayacu, province of Tocache.

It was reported that the ronderos They handed over the persecuted officers, Edward Clares Perca, who immediately ordered them to be taken to the Tocache police station where they remain as prisoners while the investigation continues.

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