Santa Anita: Young man stole electronic devices from his girlfriend society

He did not forgive his beloved. A laptop, a printer and a mobile phone It was the only thing that a young man of 19 of his partner in Santa Anita took away.

Freddy Maldonado Yaranga She took advantage of her lover's trust to pull her things while she was studying.

YOU CAN SEE Santa Anita: Young man is shot in the head for resistance to theft [VIDEO]

The victim identified as Elvia Estrada 18 years old went to study as usual, but he left his partner in the room he rented in Santa Anita, without surprising himself with the surprise he would encounter.

After he had arrived from his study center, he found all his things disturbed and his electronic devices were gone. He immediately called his friend and his brother-in-law. None of these responded.

After the complaint was placed in the relevant police station, the police intercept Freddy at his home in San Martín de Porres, where he found stolen objects. Criminals are already available for the Depincri Ate-Santa Anita.

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