Santa Rosa de Lima: 800 serene will guard activities for their remembrance of lime

the Lima Municipality He explained that 800 sergeants, 40 rescue brigade and dog brigade personnel, as well as paramedics of Solidarity and inspectors of civil protection and inspection, will provide safety and attention during the commemoration of the 401 years of the death of Santa Rosa de Lima.

The Citizen Security Manager of the capital, Adbul Miranda, confirmed that on Thursday, August 30, more than a million people expected the Well of Desires & # 39; will visit, located on the first block of Av. Tacna, in the center of Lima.

"Two entrance doors are arranged, the first is the road to Jr. Callao and Av. Tacna, which will be for direct access to the well and then goes through the door of the Conde de Superunda jirón.The second door is the door that has been confirmed to the church (Ava Tacna), people can come in with babies, physical limitations and seniors.If your visit is over, you can go to Conde de Superunda, "he said.

In this connection he repeated that roads like Av. Tacna (north to south) and the patches of Conde de Superunda, Chancay, Cañete, Callao, among others, are limited to private and public transport from the evening of August 30th to provide all safety to the parishioners and tourists.

He stressed that in that rigid area will be prohibited to the out-going sale of food and other products. Three tents will be installed in the forecourt of the Sanctuary of Santa Rosa de Lima to temporarily trace lost and older children who become disoriented and then be referred to the Monserrate police station.

"It is recommended that children receive a full name card and a phone number so that we can deliver them to their parents as soon as possible," says Miranda Mifflin.

The ambulances of the Hospital de la Solidaridad are also ready to take care of an emergency. One of them has a score of doctors and nurses in the shelter and others on the main squares of the center of Lima, which will also be visited.

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