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Next week the workers of the public sector and of private activities will have a national non – working holiday for the Day of Santa Rosa de Lima. In this context, those who work on one of these days must take into account the money they should receive as part of their salary in the month of August.

the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL) He explained that the next August 30 is a national non-working vacation for public and private workers, with the right to rest paid by the employer, in accordance with Article 9 of the law on paid rest.

"In the event that the private sector worker, who, for example, receives S / 100 per day and works on holiday, without alternative rest, is entitled to three payments: S / 100 for the holiday and S / 200 for working in a holiday (100% surcharge), "explained Víctor Zavala, manager of the CCL Legal Center.

If August 30 is the weekly rest day of the employee, the CCL said that he only receives S / 100 for the weekly rest period and not for the holiday. In addition, he said that it is not considered to have worked on a holiday when the service starts before and ends on a holiday.

With the aim of promoting domestic tourism among employees in the public sector, the government has ordered that Friday 31 August be declared non-working day.

The CCL clarified that the remaining hours are compensated in the following week or on the occasion fixed by the head of the public entity.

In the case of the private sector, Friday 31 August is a working day, unless the employer agrees with the employees not to work on that day, with compensation for recovering the hours that remain after working on the parties determined by both parties. way. In the absence of agreement, the employer decides.

The CCL has indicated that if the employee worked that day, the payment is simple, without a surcharge.

"The contract not to work on August 31, as well as its reimbursement, can be made with all or some of the employees, as the employer decides," Zavala said.

The CCL also recalled that Friday 31 August is considered a business day for tax purposes (declaration and payment of taxes). Similarly, public entities must take the necessary measures to preserve indispensable services and attention to the public.

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