Saúl Peña: "Keiko Fujimori sets out her ambition and her partiality"

The psychoanalyst Saul Peña received one The Republic to discuss the national news, in a situation where the government is trying to promote a referendum (in response to the crisis released by the audio cascade) and a Congress dominated by fujimorismo and apparently the urgency of the situation has not been recognized.

What is your impression of the political and legal crisis caused by the audios broadcast in the media?

I have the impression that the power of the politics, the members of the Judicial Power, urges them not only to fulfill their duties, but also to influence them in order to increase their own benefits. This is of course not generalized. There are decent people who do not allow themselves to be influenced. It is difficult, but not impossible.

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There are exceptions.

Not only are they exceptions. They are realities. I can be wrong, it is always a possibility. We may be inclined, often, towards truthAuthenticity and reality and other times a series of things is done because, you think, they will not be discovered. These are things that favor the dissenting interests of many people within powerful institutions.

Were you surprised by the content of the audio?

No, it's no surprise to me. Freud he says something very interesting: we are possibly perverted polymorphs. That is, we are not inevitably focused on evil or lying or benefiting, but there is potential to do so based on personality, on early experiences. Freud He also said that we have an instinct for life and death. On the one hand love, creativity, ethics. On the other hand, destructiveness, hatred, lies, no regrets or regrets. What we have seen is that some people who deal with justice, with the law, are involved (in the audios).

Something terrible

Of course it is terrible. It is a very serious situation, painful, regrettable and sometimes even disgusting.

Has President Martín Vizcarra's reaction been appropriate?

(Vizcarra) gives me the impression, has a good potential intent. He appeared with certain merits in his previous positions, but many people did not know him and now he is the president of the country. But I believe that it shows certain favorable intentions. So you can not be dominated by a group, by one of the forces that do what they want, right? That is why he explains certain guidelines.

And it is promoting a referendum that offers support.

He resorts to the people, to the general opinion. And that is very important. It is a call to know what we all think. I take part in that idea because you can see what people think. That does not mean that the result is of course ideal, but it is positive.

Do you have confidence in your government?

No absolute belief, because you always have to keep a space. I hope and wish that it goes well without a doubt. And suddenly it is possible. It is not someone who shows signs of being a villain, a psychopath, a thief, someone who wants to impose himself. He is careful.

Let's take a look at Keiko Fujimori now. He saw his message this week and his position was against the referendum. What do you suggest?

What are you afraid of? That has decreased in the surveys. By the way, I am influenced here because I am not in favor of it authoritarian governments, dictatorial, fascist or loss of freedom, on the contrary. That is why I can not agree with an attitude that goes against what I think is most suitable for me and most Peruvians. Here is a series of very interesting phenomena. She is the daughter of someone who has done a series of things, but intelligently. However, Keiko Fujimori is a person with something that is clearly observed: an even greater ambition. She has an impulse to become president of the. Want to be Peru


That is true He may have learned a lot, but he is also not someone who has sufficient earnings. She has her means and at the same time makes huge mistakes that go against her own. I do not see it with the acceleration that a person who aspires to a position of the level of a President of the Republic.

Which mistakes?

It puts beyond its ambition and its partiality. Think and say what is convenient for her. In a sense, I think she overestimates herself, although not everyone sees her because, as you have seen, the same father did not fully bow to her, but leaned more towards his brother, and that is not for pleasure. Keiko always has the same attitude and there is no little understanding, of amplitude, of recognition of otherness. No, the other person must be subordinate to her.

Are there authoritarian reflections?

Give that impression. It has manifestations of that nature, I think. It does not mean that everything is bad.

The congress is the one who bears the primary responsibility for the referendum in December. However, some characters are not positive. What do you think of the legislators?

There are all kinds and colors, but I have heard people of good quality say that this is the worst convention that existed in Peru. I have not done any studies to prove it, although there are certain characters that do not seem to be people, but just barking. Of course, a puppy that barks yes is fun, right?

What consequences does this crisis have for the country?

In life there is suffering of different kinds. A suffering is denied, another is one suffering tragic and out of reality. But also one that you learn. There are difficulties and suffering is inevitable, but you need to know how to suffer in order to know how to live and learn.

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