School children from Puno produce & # 39; chizito & # 39; s & # 39; from cañihua to combat anemia [VIDEO] | Photo 1 of 4 | Peru

More than 70% of girls and boys aged 6 to 35 months have anemia Puno. As a result of this problem, school children Rural Alternative Training Center (CRFA) Lupakas – July they have & # 39; chizitos & # 39; of cañihua with liver made to fight this disease.

"Most children do not want to consume cañihua or quinoa, but because we know they love & # 39; chizitos & # 39; we made this product," said Joel Huarachi, one of the students who did this project promoted.

The development of a new snack can take between one and eight hours. The duration can be extended up to 6 months without preservatives.

According to school children, this food can be sold in school kiosks and department stores.

With this educational project the students occupy the first place in the provincial phase of the National Contest Creates and undertakes 2018. Now the regional and national phases will be continued.

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