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Scientists do everything to protect chinchilla, manatee and otorongo from extinction Photo 1 of 3 | Peru

the Peru It is one of the countries with a wide variety of flora and fauna, but unfortunately there are many species in the red list by unscrupulous people who strive to offer them to the highest bidder.

One of them is the chinchilla, a mischievous Andean rodent that is almost deprived of its natural habitat by poachers, who seek them for their sensitive skin and sell it to the fur industry, where a layer of them can cost 50 thousand dollars.

Given this problem, the Ministry of Agriculture and the municipality of Lapa, in Puno, they have created the reproduction center for chinchillas in this town, where they can reproduce this small animal that lives along the Andes mountains in captivity.


They reproduce chinchillas in captivity, in Puno. (Video: 90 Saturday)

But this is not the only successful case of reproduction in captivity of animals threatened with extinction. There is also the manatee, that noble water mammal that lives in the rivers of the Amazon and that could appear in a research center for the first time.

This thanks to the specialists and volunteers who work in the Amazon Rescue Center, located in the city of Iquitos, Loreto, where they make every effort to prevent the well-known sirens from the Amazon & # 39; are being extinguished because they are being hunted by the people of the river banks.


Manuals reproduction center. (Video: 90 Saturday)

Another victim of human greed is it I Otorongo. This beautiful feline is threatened by Asian mafias, who arrive in the Amazon to hunt them and sell their tusks, skins and skulls.

In order to control the number of exhibitions in the Peruvian jungle, institutions installed video camera's at strategic locations and managed to use the so-called video King of the Amazon & # 39; in its natural habitat and, above all, monitoring its activities in the Tambopata National Reserve, in the Madre de Dios region.


Otorongos in Madre de Dios. (Video: 90 Saturday)

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