Separate head of the police region Piura in a fatal accident Picture 1 of 3 | Peru

The head of the police region Piura, Colonel José Cortez CarrilloIt was separated from its position during the duration of the investigation into the fatal accident caused by a police unit, in which the officer went as co-pilot.

The Police Macroregion communicated this via a communiqué the provincial office took this decision as a preventive measure and that Colonel Pompey Sánchez Tapia was appointed to replace Cortez.

The document also indicates that the police "confirm its commitment to investigate the fact with fairness and transparency" and, if necessary, drastic sanctioning who is responsible for the death of the university Jorge Sarango Ramos (24) and serious state that was Cedrik Crisanto.

To the brigadier general PNP Guillermo Carranza, who controlled the vehicle that drove over the motorcycle in which the victims traveled last week, received seven months of preventive detention.

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