Sernamp: park rangers catch the spectacled bear of Megantoni National Sanctuary

The park guards of the National Service of Natural Protected Areas of the State (SERNANP), an agency attached to the Ministry of the Environment, emphasized the important natural heritage preserved in the National Megantoni Sanctuary and made the first record in images of the emblematic spectacled bear in this area protected nature reserve of the Cusco region.

This registration was carried out during the transfer of park guards from the Sanctuary and the Manu National Park to the Lacco sector for the mitigation and control measures of a forest fire that was recorded in the buffer zone of the reserve.

Prior to this audiovisual recording, only the presence of these glasses with glasses in the Megantoni National Sanctuary was proven by spores and scratches in different areas.

The Sanctuary team is currently developing monitoring of wildlife by means of fall cameras in the Oseroato sector, as well as routine and special patrols, with the main aim of preserving the natural resources and cultural values ​​that this protected nature reserve is home to.

This important record reflects the good state of conservation and the high research potential of this protected nature area that celebrated its 14th anniversary on 17 August.

The data

This register and the results of various research studies carried out in the protected natural areas of Peru will be presented at the first national conference of scientific research in ANP that will take place in the city of Lima from 26 to 28 September. Reports:


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