Six informal miners die in the La Candelaria mine in Arequipa

When his companions arrived for salvation, little more was to be done. In place, the "La Candelaria" mine, located in the area of ​​Secocha, district of Mariano Nicolás Valcárcel, in the province of Arequipa in Camaná, four informal miners were dead and two others were painful. These died later when they were transferred to a medical post in the area.

The autopsy results, which were not publicly disclosed but were made available to the family, confirmed that the six employees had suffered heavy and multiple blows in the hospital. the mine.

The police reported that the incident occurred when the cable carrying the "winch" (a type of cable car used to move ore from hill to hill) was broken.

The breaking of the cable was caused by the weight of the six employees who left after their working day.

Only two of the victims were identified: Víctor Rómulo Salazar Madueño (39) and Rogelio Mamani Mayta (40). The other four remain in the mortuary.

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