SJM: neighbors conquered a thief who wanted to rob the same house for the fifth time society

Crime is still a common problem in the capital, especially in a specific modality such as the attack on houses. On this occasion, residents of a building in the San Juan de Miraflores district decided to take action on their own and to stop their wave in this way of raids that affected the area where they live when they conquered a thief who had even been attacked. four possibilities in the same house.

The criminal, who was identified as Luis Hector Pacheco Rivera, lurked around an area that is well-known to him: a house with wooden frames and other materials that are easily accessible. When he was about to enter, he noticed that there was a padlock on the door that he forced until he could open it.

Upon entering, he realized that he had fallen into the trap that the neighbors organized and knew about the modus operandi of the criminal. "He came in with a flashlight, he lit up things, he saw us and he ran away," was one of those who had been struck by the frustrated theft of the building, commented to América Noticias.

Shortly after Pacheco's attempt to escape, the neighbors managed to go after him and neutralize him to take him to the PNP agents. Among the objects that were stolen offender In previous chances, tools of the Ascayo brothers, their victims, as well as orthopedic shoes.

The 57-year-old thief is now at the headquarters of the Depincri of the district and is confronted with the accusation of theft. Due to the fact that he had committed his crime several times, the citizens demanded that the authorities be more determined in the fight against insecurity in the district San Juan de Miraflores.

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