SMP: this is the origin of a fight in which a family father was stabbed by Colombians De handel Lima law enforcement

The images from the security cameras show how the fight in which he died originated Allan Neyra Tello, a father of a family, who was beaten and stabbed by at least five people, after leaving a canteen on Tomás Valle Avenue, in San Martín de Porres.

In the video broadcast by the Panorama program, it can be seen that Neyra Tello, her stepson Johan Roque Carrión and two other friends leave a room on the last Monday of 13 August at 4 am.

One of the young men plays a joke against his friend by dropping him and throwing his chullo in the air. The garment falls close to three subjects. There is a discussion, even a security agent gives a member of the group a blow.

This causes the intervention of Neyra Tello, who tries to separate and prevent the aggression from continuing. After a few minutes both sides leave and they leave. The group of friends, however, returns with another person and the quarrel starts again.

The worst part is borne by Neyra Tello, who is beaten to the ground. When they are overcome, the young people decide to leave. When they go through block 16 of Marco Polo Avenue, they are attacked.

In full flight, Johan Roque touches a foreign woman. He is touched and reduced by a subject for which Neyra Tello returns to help his stepson, but is attacked with knife by Colombian citizen Andrés Bermúdez. The latter is fugitive.

After the attack, Neyra Tello walked a few meters and collapsed. His death was immediate. At the same time, five people, two women and three men, defeat and stab Johan Roque.


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