State recovered 400 thousand soles for civil repairs

In the last year, the Peruvian state reclaimed S / 400 thousand for payments from civil repairs in the case of crimes of corruption of officials, said the Lambayeque Anti-Corruption Office.


This was announced by the head of this institution, José Neciosup Chancafe who said that after the judicial district of Lima, the Lambayeque is the other jurisdiction with greater success in the collection of this concept

Neciosup reported that the recovery of S / 690 thousand was possible in 2017, so it is expected that by the end of this year the number of S / 400 a thousand.

"This is a joint effort of our staff of lawyers, accounting experts and the Public Prosecution Service." We have the same goal. It is clear that it is necessary to get back more money in favor of the state, although it is worth pointing out that after Lima we are the judicial district where the Attorney General has recovered more money ", he

The civil servant also explained that his office in the recovery of economic damage caused the state, the request for precautionary measures, such as registration with the register of debtors of those investigated for corruption crimes and that they prove during the trial that they can not pay for civil repairs in any way.

The public prosecutor did not avoid speaking out for the who were in "Los Limpios" was convicted, of whom he indicated that only 8% had already paid the payment of civil repairs

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