Strong earthquake of 5.5 degrees was recorded in Loreto [FOTO]

22 August 2018 12:45.

Through their social networks, the Geophysical Institute of Peru reported that this morning there was an earthquake of 5.5 degrees in the province of Maynas, in the Loreto region. The epicenter was 118 kilometers south of the district Causana Towers, where until now no material or personal damage has been reported.

The strong quake was recorded at 11:23 am. this Wednesday. Similarly, the IGP pointed out that the telluric movement had a depth of 132 km, a latitude of -2.01 and a length of -75.23.


The so-called rescuer backpack or emergency rucksack must have basic elements to be able to cope with the first day of a crisis in an emergency after an earthquake.

– First aid kit.

– Hygiene items: antibacterial gel, toilet paper (2 pieces), hand and face towels (4 pieces) and damp cloths.

– Food: canned food (minimum 2 pieces), packets of water biscuits, bottled water without gas (2 liters) and chocolate bar (2 units).

– Coat: polar blankets (2 pieces), slippers.

– Money: coins.

If there are babies or the elderly (elderly), specific products must be included, such as bottles, papillae, milk cans, diapers, medicines and clothing changes.

Other items that a backpack should have are: flashlight, portable radio, whistle (whistle), double keys, photocopy of documents, especially insurance card, batteries, emergency number diary, universal magazine, pens, backpack, masks and lighter.

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