Sullana: Police arrested for assaulting their sister society

Because of the constant ill-treatment that a young girl received from her brother, an agent of the National Police in the Piura region, he was arrested for Violence against Women. It's about the S3PNP Marvin Paum Zuta Mondragón (26) who had intervened and transferred to the Commissioner of Sullana accused of offending and hitting his family member.

According to denounced Carmen Zeta Mondragón (31), his brother, policeman Marvin Zeta attacked her by throwing a plastic chair and hitting her in the left arm, after claiming to have an unused water tap in the building where they rented in 660 Santa Ana Street, in the urbanization Santa Rosa in Sullana.

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The young woman left the house on Wednesday evening, where they both hired him and accused the police of the constant violence. While his colleagues went to the arrest of Marvin Zuta who works at the Chulucanas police station.

The case was brought to the attention of the public prosecutor's office in addition to the disciplinary bureau, exInspectoria, Divpol or Sullana.

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