Sunedu grants the license to the National University of Juliaca society

The National Superintendence of the University Higher Education (Sunedu) granted the National University of Juliaca (UNAJ) the institutional license to offer the university's higher education service in the country, with a validity of 6 years.

After obtaining the assessment of compliance with the basic qualification conditions, the university can continue to offer the careers of: Food Industries, Environmental and Forestry Engineering, Renewable Energy Engineering, Textile and Apparel Engineering and Public Management and Development. This is, in the first four cases, programs that are not offered to other universities in the Puno region.

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the university de Juliaca tries to generate positive effects on its sphere of influence, by promoting socially technically productive scientific research. To support her academic activities, it has 19 laboratories and a workshop. It currently serves 1630 students, equally divided between the five programs.

During the licensing process the university de Juliaca presented the progress of the construction of a new head office in the Ayabacas district. This project includes a research and processing center, as well as spaces for recreational activities and environmental protection. It is expected that the first phase of the work will be operational at the beginning of 2019.

The process of discharge has led UNAJ to develop plans and strengthen its internal bodies focused on quality management. For example, it currently has a "Quality Management Plan 2016-2018", with which it can especially improve the undergraduate training. Likewise, it has implemented a University Accreditation Office.

Another aspect that is influenced by the basic quality conditions is the promotion of scientific research. To this end, the UNAJ has a budget of more than 3 million solos for 2018. The expenditure level of the expenditure has steadily improved between 2014 and 2017. In that period it went from 40% to 78.3%.

Driven by the process of discharge, the university has approved 32 lines of research, divided into its 5 professional careers.

The Sunedu, together with granting the license, has demanded from the university that it provides evidence of the implementation and evaluation of its quality management plan and implements a plan for the adequacy of teachers, as well as a plan for the promotion and reinforcement of the Research for their professors.

Likewise, the UNAJ will have to complete the implementation of the first phase of its headquarters in Ayabacas. In this way it can consolidate its educational supply and strengthen its orientation towards research into issues that influence regional development. Likewise, it should work to strengthen the promotion of research work by publications with a scientific impact.

About the university

The University of Juliaca was founded by law no. 29074, issued on July 20, 2007 and published in the national newspaper "El Peruano" on July 25, 2007. Subsequently, on January 9, 2013, CONAFU granted the preliminary license to the university for the university educational service of five professional careers in the district of Juliaca, province of San Román, department Puno.

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