Supreme court confirms obstacle to leave the country to César Hinostroza | politics

The Supreme Court Special Criminal Chamber confirmed last Friday the obstacle to leave the country before the suspended judge César Hinostroza , The same as was issued on July 13 for a period of 4 months.

In this way, the resolution of the aforementioned judge rejected the appeal brought by the legal defense of Hinostroza against the decision of the Supreme Court of preliminary investigation.

the Sala considered the restrictive measure as "necessary" and "suitable" to ensure the presence of the voice during the investigation process by the Public Prosecution Service.

"The criminal acts attributed to him, where several authors who occupy high public offices, as well Provincial public prosecutors added and others generate a reasonable suspicion that they would have reasons and facilities to leave the country, "the document reads.

It should be noted that Hinostroza It is faced with a fiscal investigation into the alleged crimes of influencing human trafficking and others at the expense of the state, based on audios distributed through various means of communication.

The resolution declaring the appeal Hinostroza It is endorsed by the judges who are members of the Special Criminal Chamber: Jorge Luis Salas Arenas, José Neyra Flores and Iván Guerrero López with date 24 August.

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