Surquillo: He drank liquor with his friends when an accidental shot ended his life law enforcement

A young man died after receiving a bullet when he drank liquor with a group of friends in the block one of the street Alexandre Dumas, in Surquillo , the last Sunday in the morning.

The security cameras & # 39; s of the municipality Surquillo They took the moment that four friends gather at the side of a vehicle, including Andy Suclupe de los Rios. Suddenly the sound of a bullet warned the neighbors.

In the images you can see that Suclupe is on the track and is supported by his friends. A serenazgo van arrives a few seconds later Surquillo to the crime scene.

According to the news version of "Good Morning Peru", a young man would have manipulated the weapon and accidentally shot at Suclupe de los Rios. This information was supported by an official from the municipality Surquillo.

However, one of the young people denied that version and said they were being attacked by a black car. Junior Ovalle was arrested on suspicion of dismissal.

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