Surquillo: Obrero dies after falling from the seventh floor of the Lima construction site law enforcement

An employee died after falling from the seventh floor of a construction site in the morning of Saturday, in the district of Surquillo. This is Raúl Pedro Marcelo Rodríguez (47), who dedicated himself to finishing and worked for 3 months.

According to & # 39; América Noticias & # 39 ;, after the accident, the National police and a medical unit went to the emergency call, but could not do anything to save his life.

The victim's wife said that she and her three children were on the spot, but that they could not go in and receive no information.

The work, located on the street Ortega y Gasset, is closed while the authorities are investigating the case.

One of the workers said that the victim was in a place that was not his. "He had all the tools, but the man had nothing to do in that place, but he went in there," he said. The complaint is in the hands of Depincri de Surquillo.


Employee died in Surquillo after the autumn. (Video: América Noticias)

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