Sworn technical team to fight against anemia and malnutrition in San Martin

In order to improve the actions to combat anemia, representatives of the regional government of San Martin and the provincial mayors in the context of intergovernmental coordination met on Tuesday 21 August of this year in a working day with the Deputy Minister for Development and Social Inclusion – MIDIS, Walter Curioso Vilchez, who focuses all his efforts on reducing chronic malnutrition in children.

The event that took place in the Aula of the Regional Directorate of Agriculture San Martín-Tarapoto, on Tuesday, August 21 this year, was attended by Regional Vice Governor Rotland Reátegui Alegría, who said in his speech that this proposed initiative by Goresam , is the concrete example of wanting to consolidate the coordinated work between all public and private institutions, so that in a coordinated way we achieve the goal of contributing to poverty reduction, encouraging families to make good use of health services, nutrition and education that help in the development of young children and those who have the right and access.

The Deputy Minister for Development Cooperation and Social Inclusion, in turn, sworn in the interinstitutional technical team for the fight against chronic malnutrition in children under 5 years and anemia in children under 36 months, with representatives of other entities involved in the implementation of compliance with regional policy, with as part of its functions the monitoring and follow-up of compliance with the objectives set out in Regional Regulation No 017-2017 – GRSM, of 25 August 2017 regional priority, the fight against chronic malnutrition and anemia in the region.

"There is a very strong, very constant work to be done in peripheral areas and in rural areas, where there is a very vulnerable population that has no access to nutrients or iron, which are very important to combat anemia," said the Regional Health Director San Martín Luis Rodríguez Benavides.

In the programming set up for this, topics were discussed that related to the socialization of the regional plan for prevention against anemia and ICD 2018: statistical analysis, situational study, critical knots and the determination of next steps of anemia in the region, among others. issues. In order to ensure that the articulation efforts in this struggle are sustainable, it is, however, necessary to help the community and in particular the family and / or the caregivers of the children.

Also, in the context of food support by the Qaly Warma program to the children of the country, the MIDIS Deputy Minister symbolically handed out 10 portable wood-burning stoves for the rural school canteens of the 280 that were delivered throughout the country. Region of San Martin.

The equipment is a kitchen that works with wood as a heating element and has an efficient design that concentrates the heat generated in the combustion in a hermetic way to prepare food in places where people do not have the means to use other sources of combustion.

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