Talara: couple slaps Petroperú's leading engineer society

A managerial engineer from Petroperú was stabbed in strange circumstances by his own partner when he lunched, apparently for alleged infidelity, and was taken to a local clinic where he was referred to a clinic for the seriousness of his health and the disposition of the doctors on duty. . Piura, where he remains interned.

The fact that in tragedy could end and was treated in total reserve, took place with an average of 1:00 p.m when the supervisor Martín Henry Gutiérrez Seminar (38), he went to his apartment, located in Punta Arenas, for lunch, but he did not know what to wait for him minutes later.

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According to him, it is assumed, an alleged act of infidelity, that generated strangely, apparently gave his partner him several cuts with a sharp cutting weapon, apparently kitchen knife, in different parts of the body, helped by local residents, which they brought him to the Tresa clinic ,

In the hospital, the doctors on duty were one of them, given the severity of the injuries caused by the weapon close to the heartThey then went to a clinic in Piura, where he stayed in the hospital.

The Republic tried to get more details about what was happening, but both Petroperú's officials and Talara's national police have indicated that the fact is being investigated with the concerns of the case.

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