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The antenna deficit would be higher than the 15,200 estimated by the telecommunications regulatory agency (Osiptel), because according to Entel and the Association for the Promotion of the National Infrastructure (AFIN), the gap to 2021 would be 31 thousand antennae.

"We say the deficit is 31,000 and the difference is fundamentally methodological, "said Juan Pacheco, manager of AFIN.

In addition, he pointed out with concern that "there is an increase in the use of data via the 4G network and that this trend will also be observed in the 5G network in the near future, which even needs another type of antenna".

Similarly, Nino Boggio, Manager of institutional relations at Entel, emphasized that, in addition to the various projections, it is important to close the antenna gap by working together with municipalities and the population.

On the other hand, the Osiptel announced yesterday, via the official newspaper El Peruano, that it would extend the date of entry into force of the regulation that reduces the minimum duration of permanence in an operator, so that the user can use number portability.

In this way the rule will only take effect from 7 September.

The Osiptel standard establishes a minimum period of 30 days in an operator before it can migrate to another.

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