The advice of Vizcarra concerns Vicente Zeballos Peru politics

The Minister of Justice, Vicente Zeballos tried to distance himself from the adviser to the presidential office Maximiliano Aguia r, who in a recent interview said that part of his work was " maintained the legitimacy of the government of Peru " (management 17.08.2018).

The congressman also noted that the political advisor never participated in sessions of the Council of Ministers.

"He has never been present, it does not participate in the decision-making process or in the dialogues with the highest authority of ours" noted in the political agenda.

Asked about Aguiar's claim that it is his duty to maintain the legitimacy of the government, the owner of the Justice portfolio indicated that "everyone is the owner of their answers"

Zeballos recognized that such a claim "arouses some concern" . However, he indicated that it would be necessary to see the context in which the statements were made.

[Mire aquí el video de las declaraciones de Maximiliano Aguiar, el asesor de Martín Vizcarra]

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– Case of Chávarry –

Elsewhere, Zeballos indicated that in ] Public Prosecution must have a purpose of change, as has also been observed in other institutions such as the judiciary, also involved in the & # 39; CNMaudios & # 39; .

In this way, Zeballos indicated that this situation harms the establishment of the Public Prosecution Service.

it continues to insist that his owner Pedro Chávarry has to resign, the legislator has indicated that this is a decision that the Board of Procurators must take "We are aware of the autonomy of the Public Prosecution Service", said .

– Derrama –

About the intervention to the Magistrate Derrama, indicated that there is documentation that is being revised and questions the administration of the funds of this entity, but he could not specify which legal mechanism such a justify action.

"We are in the process of determining the standard that best regulates this decision that President Martín Vizcarra has taken," he said.

– CNM –

Another moment Zeballos recalled that the initiatives to change the CNM have been in Congress since Good Morning; so far, however, no progress has been made.

"More weighted is that it is in December"

Dates. Regarding the position of the head of the cabinet, César Villanueva, which should be the referendum in October, Zeballos indicated that the aforementioned date is just around the corner, and although they have always said that it would be ideal, they say also that a more cautious possibility that it will take place on 2 December.
"It is more thoughtful and realistic, because October is practically not feasible", he noted in the political agenda.

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