The armor of Pedro Chávarry is in Congress and in the office of the prosecutor

The protection of the public prosecutor of the nation, Pedro Chávarry, comes not only from the Public Prosecutor's office with the Supreme Procurators' Council, but also from the Congress, through the Subcommittee on Constitutional Allegations, which does not call a session to lodge the complaint. see him, although from 21 August he received the report that accused him.

On that date, the deadline for which Congressman Juan Sheput (PPK), who was the rapporteur of the case, passed his report on the constitutional complaint against Pedro Chávarry. César Vásquez (APP) did the same for the charges against Fujimorista Héctor Becerril and Mario Mantilla (FP) in the case of the National Council of Magistracy (CNM).

With regard to the accusation against Chávarry of congressman Marco Arana, it is known that in the Sheput report the constitutional accusation is raised and the summons of the arrested businessman Antonio Camayo and the suspended chief judge César Hinostroza is requested, which caused discomfort in Popular Force.

Although the report was delivered two weeks ago, Fujimori is not calling to view the complaints that have already been submitted. The members of the subcommittee were summoned on Monday, but the case of prosecutor Chávarry was not placed on the agenda.

While in Congress the debate about the indictment against Chávarry widened, ex-lawyer Avelino Guillén claimed that the only exit is that the prosecutor of the nation takes a step to the other side, because its sustainability is untenable. He found that the report of the prosecutor, Sandra Castro, is quite complicated and can not be investigated if Chávarry remains in his position.

"They make a serious accusation to accuse him of being part of Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto." That investigation must be done yes or yes, "he said.

Guillén explained that there are sufficient indications for the complaint, because three effective employees have declared and there are audios confirming the statement, which strengthens the persecution.

For the ex-prosecutor there is more evidence in this case, because there is a conversation in an audio of César Hinostroza with the highest prosecutor Tomás Gálvez, in which the first says that he works one hundred percent for the election of Chávarry.

In another audio, the ex-judge Walter Ríos talks to one of his advisers and tells him that the case of the public prosecutor is a controlled matter.

In addition, there are other audios in which you can hear Chávarry talking to Hinostroza, and in which they talk about the need for a meeting to increase their candidacy to become Prosecutor General.

"It can not last for another minute, because it hurts the parquet, he is not questioned as a natural person, but for the role he has fulfilled as supreme prosecutor in a process of election of the Prosecutor of the Nation," said he.

Guillén added that this case is a tragedy for the Public Prosecution Service and the work of prosecutors is weakened.

"The legal system has collapsed completely and none of the supreme judges and prosecutors have the will to resign, but do not think that his term will affect the institution," he said.

Guillén said that the only support that Chávarry has for his stay is the open support of Keiko Fujimori. "And how are you going to investigate money laundering, what guarantee of independence can you have," he said.


Meanwhile, last night, in what has apparently been a hasty decision, Chavarry has summoned the presidents of the councils of superior prosecutors tomorrow, "as a matter of urgency."

According to the Office of the Secretary General of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation, the Presidents of the country's 34 tax districts will discuss the reform of the justice system. That is why Chávarry would have asked for reports on the legislative initiatives relating to the reform. of justice presented by President Vizcarra. Nonetheless, it is said that it would rather be able to submit an application for support to the chairmen of the Board of Procurators. The quotation also shows the budget requirement for 2019 for each tax district.

Between being involved, you must designate prosecutor to investigate

  • According to former prosecutor Ronald Gamarra, who should know the report of the prosecutor Sandra Castro, prosecutor Pedro Chávarry, but since he himself is involved, he must himself draft a new provision stating that he can not investigate the Supreme Attorneys and appoint Pablo Sánchez or Zoraida Ávalos.
  • He argued that this is the only way to go further, because if he does not, there will be a fall in the investigation. "There is a knot, and that can only be released if Chávarry apologizes for the knowledge of that information and authorizes another prosecutor to conduct an investigation, otherwise everything remains at the level of the prosecutor, "he said.
  • For congressman Marco Arana (FA), the problem is no longer about individual constitutional accusations, but it is necessary to reconstruct the Supreme Prosecutors Council, which is unable to solve their problems. "It has to be done as in the CNM, and that the five highest prosecutors also step aside," he said.

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